0:00:00 Welcome
0:03:42 Video about Ron
0:04:28 Ron thanking for the intro
0:04:54 What we’re going to cover
0:07:29 Meet Ron’s wife Nyla and learn about Ron’s biggest accomplishment as an entrepreneur and the obstacles he had
0:08:10 Proof that you can make money with this system.
0:10:07 Disclaimer
0:11:42 Ron’s promise
0:12:30 Agenda
0:13:55 Coupon code
0:14:15 Free cheat sheet
0:14:45 How to gain access to the cheat sheet. See it in action.
0:17:01 Messenger Marketing: The Next Frontier For Business Growth
0:18:46 Messenger user stats
0:19:31 Facebook Dominates The Social Landscape
0:19:56 A Generational Opportunity
0:20:09 Why listen to Ron?
0:21:13 How did his wife become a stay at home mom earning high ticket commissions?
0:22:55 Ron’s story begins (his first big hit)
0:23:09 Ron’s Aweber list subscribers
0:23:17 After doing this part-time, this is what happened to Ron
0:25:42 Ron’s promise to his wife
0:26:03 A book deal was made
0:26:09 Sold in Walmart
0:26:15 Sold in Barnes & Noble
0:26:30 Ron on TV
0:26:46 Sold over 1 million books
0:27:09 Testimonials
0:27:48 The one person Ron struggled to help

0:29:16 The 5 obstacles to get past
0:38:14 Finally something that worked
0:38:24 K.S.S - Keep It Safe And Simple
0:40:16 Demo Video
0:47:20 ManyChat demo
0:51:34 Facebook demo
0:55:58 Behind The Scenes Automation
0:58:47 FACT
0:59:14 Proof what webinars are making per attendee1:01:46 ManyChats stats
1:02:30 Facebook Ads Manager ads spend stats
1:02:55 Thrivecart income from ad
1:04:01 Income proof
1:05:12 Envision the lifestyle you want to have
1:05:12 How many sales do you need to pay for your lifestyle?
1:16:36 Agenda Recap
1:17:42 Introducing the Automated Profit Partners (APPs) Program
1:17:54 Do you qualify for the APPs program?
1:20:39 APPs Masterclass What you get.
1:24:23 5 Fast Action Bonuses
1:25:26 Summary of what you get
1:26:14 Regular cost of the program
1:26:50 Close
1:28:45 Order link and coupon code
1:29:48 Omar’s thoughts about the offer
1:31:11 Back to Ron
1:31:45 Order page revealed
1:33:34 Account totals
1:33:23 Can you do it?
1:36:57 FAQ’s
1:40:00 Other options other than Facebook
1:41:50 Summary of what you get
1:46:54 Q&A