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First off, have you done your zoom call yet? The most important thing for you to do right now is schedule your onboarding call with our VIP director Adam Kaye. This call is to get you familiar with all the VIP packages and it should be scheduled right away because time slots are first come first served. Please check the availability below and book your spot. Please be respectful of the time you select.

Our team is working hard day in and day out to assemble the Master Affiliate Profits (MAP) members area and our public launch target (phase three) is Februray of 2024. We are currently in phase one of the roll out where loyal subscribers like yourself are permitted to become founding backer members. 

We hope to open up phase two sometime in January of 2024. In that phase you will be granted access to the members area so that you can retrieve your MAP LINK. That will enable you to start promoting and getting backers to sign up under you! Phase 2 will be the last time that a lifetime platinum mebership will ever be available. 

As a founding backer you will benefit from all of the traffic we personally send into the system as all the clicks will be distributed  equally to all founding member. Nobody does this! We will literally be driving traffic for you as people become map backers under you and you'll be getting 75% commissions on all the sales.

The final phase of this roll out process will begin in February of 2024. This is where the site will be fully open to all traffic and visitors can join for free or become Silver, Gold and Platinum level members. At this point, all membership levels will have a recurring monthly fee that can also be paid anually. Silver will be $37 per month, Gold will be $67 per month and Platinum will be $97 per month. This will put loads of recurring commissions in your pocket!

We intend to keep you updated in multiple ways as we navigate through these phases together. This page will be updated frequently with vidoes like the ones you see below. We will also be hosting LIVE Q&A sessions that you can attend on Fridays at 12:00 Noon eastern time. We aim to be fully transparent and keep you well informed of the progress we're making on the site and you can reach out to us at any time if you have questions. 

Thanks again for backing this project! We look forward to paying you lots of commissions real soon!


John, Omar & Melinda

Phone: 866-205-3389

Weekly Site Updates

These videos are different from the Live Stream Q&A that we do on Fridays. Here you will see the MAP site unfolding right before your eyes. Alex posts a quick progress report for you each week!

MAP UPDATE #9 December 8, 2023

We have tweaked the design of the site in a few small ways that we think look much better and we have made those changes on the relevant pages.
We are starting to add in working versions of features that were shown in earlier update videos as mock ups. There is now the facility for members to keep track of stats in the members area.
The content is being added to the members area, Both the core MAP training and the high value bonus products are starting to be added to the site.
Our growing programming team continue to work tirelessly to bring the exciting features of MAP to life.

MAP UPDATE #8 December 1, 2023

The home page for the MAP site has had a huge update and you will be able to view quick stats for your MAP account as well as see statistics for your commissions. We now have a version of how that will look in place.
We plan to have a monthly sales competition in place and a version of what the leaderboard for that will look like is in place on the home page.
We are planning to show a dynamic leaderboard so MAP members can keep up to date the top sellers and see themselves on there, once again a version of how that will look is now in place.
As Omar and John mentioned in their previous update, our programming team is growing and the newest members of the team are already hard at work creating and preparing MAP features and processes.


A New Timeline for Phase Two: As you know, our initial target for launching Phase Two was around Cyber Monday. However, in our pursuit of perfection and delivering a platform that exceeds all expectations, we're extending our timeline to ensure every aspect of MAP is nothing short of exceptional.
New Phase Two Target:  January will be the grand unveiling of Phase 2. While we're not setting an exact date just yet (to ensure everything is flawless), rest assured, it's coming in January, and you'll have aa least a full 30 days to promote MAP before we roll into the public launch in Phase Three.
As a way to answer your questions and keep you up to date we will be doing Q&A LIVE STREAMS on Fridays at 12:00 Noon Eastern. This will be your chance to ask questions directly and get the answers you need.
We're growing! We have just conducted a series of interviews in our quest to find skilled coders to help with the creation of MAP and we're proud to announce that we've hired TWO new coders!


The payment process is in place for the Confirm page so that you can potentially earn money from the customers you bring in under your one link, before they have even got into the MAP members area while also knowing they are receiving something of value.
Your leads stats table is now fully functioning and will be moved from the test site to the live site after some final testing. This table will give you usable information on the customers who have came into the members area under your OneLink.
Your traffic stats table is also now fully functioning and will be moved from the test site to the live site after some final testing too. Again this table will give you actionable statistics on your traffic, from all sources.
As per usual, the programming team are hard at work getting all of the behind-the-scenes systems in place to make sure everything works and runs as it should.


The Ledger page has been mocked up to give you a visual representation of how it will look to check on your earnings, payments, earnings due, etc. This page will also give you the facility to update and payment profile/method.
Your Profile page is under final construction, this page will give you the ability to check on your profile details such as username, member level, social connections, etc.
The Link Settings page has been mocked up to show how that page will look once finalized, on there you will be able to learn how to make the best use of your MAP link.
The My Products page is nearing completion, this will give you a central hub to access of the the training and content that you have access to as a Platinum MAP member.
As always, the programming team are hard at work getting all of the behind-the-scenes systems in place to make sure everything works and runs as it should.


Our internal click-tracking plugin is up and running to make sure that everyone gets the correct amount of traffic based on their member level within the MAP system.
Your leads page has been mocked up to give you a visual representation of how it will look to check on all of the leads you have generated under your MAP link.
The programming team continue to develop the systems we need to make sure the MAP website is a smooth and enjoyable experience for you and all your MAP members.
John & Omar, continue to work on creating and curating all of the content that will be delivered in the members area.


Yet more behind the scenes work has taken place as we set up the system that will enable you to earn more commissions from your MAP members. giving your members the option to purchase individual pieces of video content from right within the page intself.
We have been finalizing the design and layout of the content delivery pages and establishing a working background code system to deliver the right content to the right members, based on membership level.
We continue to strive to create a dynamic and unique browsing experience, we want this site to be an enjoyable experience both for you and for your MAP members.
Remember all of the content in MAP is created by John & Omar, and we don't rely on third parties.
And as always our programming team is hard at work implementing all of the features and integrations that we hope to have ready for Phase 2.


There is a lot of work happening behind the scenes as we continue to add code to handle the affiliate process so that you can use a single link to refer and track all of your MAP members.
The sign-up procedure is unique to MAP and today's video will walk you through the whole process so you can see how it will work when we go live. Our unique sign-up system will result in increased conversions for you.
We continue to create a site that is not reliant on any third-party payment processors or marketplaces, meaning you earn more, and none of your leads will be subject to sabotage that the other marketplaces practice.
The content for the members area is under construction and we should have an update regarding this soon. All of the content in MAP is created by John & Omar, and we don't rely on third parties.
We are continuing to work on Autoresponder integration and hope to have every popular autoresponder in place when we open up phase 2, this means no matter what autoresponder you use we should have it covered.


Over 6000 lines of code have already been written to handle the MAP affiliate process. This system will create a unique link to track all of your map referalls and sales.
The MAP members area has been layed out and all the page templates have been created by our web developer.
The content for the members area is under construction and will be
added soon. This content will show you how to get the most out of the
MAP program.
Integration with our new payment processor is underway and is in the
testing phase. Adding our very own payment processor means no lost
leads and lower fees for everyone.
Autoresponder integration is getting finalized and will be ready soon.
This will allow you to use the most popular autoresponders with the
MAP program.

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