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Our closely guarded membership site recipe. This is the easy to install Membership Site SKELETON TEMPLATE that will fit your OP2 theme sites.  Unlike with OP1 the new OP2 enables you to save and quickly recall your site template configurations. We will be handing you our time tested and highly copied "Membership Site Skeleton Template" - all the pages, formatting with text and image place holders. This is a HUGE TIME SAVER because you'll be able to load it into OP2 and literally have a complete members area in just 2 minutes - then just paste your images and content as instructed and BOOM. THIS IS BY FAR THE MOST PERFECT COMPLIMENT TO OPTIMIZE PRESS 2.0 THAT YOU WILL FIND.


This is the WordPress Arsenal 2.0! We renamed it and you'll be blown away when you see how easy it is to create a recurring income with membership sites. This step by step videos will make you an expert at creating password protected membership sites with WordPress!


Direct and UNCENSORED from My Unfair Advantage. These exclusive videos contain over 10 hours worth of training that will help you develop the perfect product and more importantly THE PERFECT MEMBERS AREA and Sales Funnel to compliment that product. Every aspect of product creation is covered from creating a high converting sales page to building the perfect funnel.

  • Affiliate Delemma

    The reality is this, not all affiliates are good affiliates to have. When deciding whether or not you’re going to do business with someone, you should think like an employer. there are some people that you should not approve to promote your product. There are several factors discussed in this video in determining a good from a bad affiliate which includes; the sales they make, the information they provide, the country they are from and many others.

  • Creating Module Content Videos

    Video is IMPORTANT. We all know how important it is to have a video on a sales page, but what about your members area? It’s important to provide value and videos for your customers. We know not everyone likes to be on camera. We get it. That’s why in this training we’re going to cover the best ways to record module videos WITHOUT having to be on camera. Learn what your video should display and why.

  • Tomb Of The Unknown Marketer

    It’s no secret that some marketers may have an amazing product, one that could possible provide a ton of value to its users and also provide the creator with a nice income too. Unfortunately, some marketers failed to raise awareness to what they created. Learn what main things you need to know to stay out of the tomb of the unknown marketer.

  • Online Business Success:

    Get the best tips and techniques of achieving success in your online business as it is TODAY.
    When it comes to running your online business it’s important to know what different departments your business is going to contain and how you’re going to run those departments. Learn some important things about how sacrifices along with great effort needs to exerted in order to achieve success.  Success is all about planning and preparation. Here you’ll learn to make sure you have SMART goals, make a reliable plan, and reverse engineering your success.

  • Sales Page Elements

    There are several different elements of a sales page. Here you will learn what the different types of sales pages are and what they contain. You’re also going to learn what the best type of sales page to have is and what elements are best to use when you’re creating your sales page so that it has the highest conversion rate possible.

  • Creating The Right Product

    What you are going to read here is going to be the “need to know” important factors for you to to consider when creating a product that you want to sell online. In this training, we will show you how to ensure that your product is going to sell before you even start creating it! Affiliates are more than likely, going to be the #1 source of traffic for you so we reveal how to create a product that your affiliates will love to promote.

  • Crafting an Offer

    Create a compelling offer that converts and leads to profit is important. When a product fails to produce money, most marketers rush to change the wrong thing. When you’ve got a product that isn’t making money, all the affiliates in the world could join forces and promote it and it’s just not going to make money for everybody. This could mean that it’s poorly crafted so it’s just a bad offer. Learn how to identify with the target market or with the ideal prospect and to create mouth watering compelling offer.

  • Refund Versus Guarantee

    There’s a difference between a refund and a guarantee. However, not many people know what the differences are. When you understand what these differences are, it’s easier to put these policies into place when it comes to what you’re offering to your prospects. Learn how to use these policies in order to get prospects to try your product and win their business. Learn the best marketing tactic you can use to accomplish this.

  • 6 Figure Plan

    Learn how to think like a business owner from the very beginning by getting your head right. Here you’re going to learn how to invest in your business with two different types of currencies. You’re also going to learn about a business environment and how to start creating and formulating your plan. You’re going to learn the valuable skills, methods, and tactics, that you’re going to need for your online business.

  • Creating Your Launch Buzz

    If you build it, they will come.” Have you ever heard of that famous saying in the movie Field Of Dreams? Well, that’s not the case here. If you build a beautiful website, with amazing content, doesn’t mean that customers are going to flock to your order button on launch day.  Here you’ll learn how to create the right type of buzz for your launch so that customers come pouring in on the day you open the doors to your product.


John will give you a gift certificate for any of his products up to the value of $100, this can be spent any way you wish on as many of his products as you wish. You can have access to previous products or 'save up' for any of his future products or do a combination of both. All you have to remember is you can spend up to $100 on any products he has already created or on any products he creates in the future.


In this exclusive training John will show you how to earn 10x more as an affiliate. So if you're currently earning $10 per day John will show you how to get to $100 per day. If you're currently earning $100 per day John will show you how to get to $1000 per day. This training has never been publicly released as it’s that valuable.


In this training John will cover the 10 steps you need to take to ensure a successful affiliate campaign. Once again you see behind the scenes of a successful affiliate campaign and see exactly how John comes top of the leaderboards of almost every launch he takes part in.


The Affiliate Promo Formula is a formula that has generated John well over $1,000,000 in affiliate sales and it compliments Commission Gorilla perfectly!As you’re getting top level access You ALSO get FULL LIFETIME ACCESS to the Affiliate Alliance, this is where you get to work with John personally, as part of his Super Affiliate Team, forming a VERY powerful affiliate alliance.

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