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We’re super excited to see that  YOU ARE A REAL ACTION TAKER!

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You now have access to all of our proven tools and training so you can finally learn how to build your own Internet business from the ground up.

These tools, together with our weekly coaching, means that you have the same blueprint we’ve followed to create info products, build sales funnels, recruit affiliates, run launches and generate over $6,000,000.00 online so far.

Just like a blueprint to build a house you just follow the steps and get to work. As long as you’ve got the time and the discipline you can apply everything to the letter and make big money.

But If You’re Short On Time, Don’t Like Work, And Want To Be Accelerated Directly To The Money...


Because on this page you're getting the one-time opportunity to get your hands on the keys to our entire business.

The most important part of your MUA membership are the LIVE COACHING CALLS to help you navigate the challenges of developing YOUR own products and funnels.

A funnel is an optimized sales process.

REAL businesses have long DEEP funnels with HIGH TICKET backend products.

That's Where YOU Make The BIG MONEY.
That's Where YOU Keep 100% Of The PROFITS.

You don’t get rich selling $9 ebooks alone. You get rich by showing those $9 eBook customers a $300 offer, a $600 offer a $1000 offer ..OF ..YOUR ..OWN!

We’ve been doing this SUCCESSFULLY for years and after testing countless ways of doing it, we’ve arrived at the perfect system for generating constant sales and commissions.

If You Want A Really Profitable And Life Changing Business You Need To Master These 3 Things.

As a matter of fact, we learned that these three things are SUCH an important part of the online marketing process that, 7 years ago, Melinda and I hired a full time staff of 9 employees and began creating products, assembling funnels and doing launches.

We’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into the development of all our products and sales funnels.

We’ve become experts at it.

We’ve Literally Built A Giant Automated Marketing Machine That Moves Leads From Funnel To Funnel...

And Our Unique System Generates

MASSIVE Profits!


>> Prospects Enter Our Funnels Via Optimized Interactive Landing Pages


>> 13 Carefully Chosen Offers + 7 Unique Interconnected Campaigns


>> Custom Logic Based Coding Moves Prospects To Next Optimal Campaign


>> 105+ High Converting & Carefully Timed Emails Dripped To Prospects

Each of our funnels is built to capture leads and put them through a perfectly fine tuned sales process. We have a comprehensive automation system in place that intuitively communicates with each lead via email to build trust. 

There are 105 emails in place with 7 interconnected campaigns that show the prospects a total of 13 offers over 2 months. When a prospect buys a product they are automatically moved to the next campaign level.

The system works like a charm over and over again with each new lead you put in.

We’ve invested countless hours and over $25,000 in development just to get the automation part right! Not to mention all the time and effort it to took to create each of the 7 core products and funnels that are part of the system.

Buzzinar List Building System & Viral Traffic Software

Build Time : 3 Months | Production Cost : $12,000.00
Current Sales : 8,509+ | Current Revenue : $187,553.62+

Rapid Profit System Training Course

Build Time : 2 Months | Production Cost : $3,800.00
Current Sales : 2,492+ | Current Revenue : $51,606.17+

Funnel Boss Training Course & 26 DFY Funnels

Build Time : 4 Months | Production Cost : $39,000.00
Current Sales : 2,915+ | Current Revenue : $68,709.33+

Internet Selling For Newbies Video Training Course

Build Time : 2 Months | Production Cost : $2,500.00
Current Sales : 1,241+ | Current Revenue : $40,619.99+

Content Nitrous Video Course & Software Plugin Suite

Build Time : 7 Months | Production Cost : $14,000.00
Current Sales : 1,731+ | Current Revenue : $34,234.33+

My Unfair Advantage Coaching & Membership Site

Build Time : Continuous | Production Cost : $20,000.00
Current Sales : 8,077+ | Current Revenue : $601,863.11+

Internet Marketing Clinic Webinar Training

Build Time : 2 Weeks | Production Cost : $1,500.00
Current Sales : 75+ | Current Revenue : $12,217.10+

When you add it all up…  It took Melinda, myself and our team of 9 experts a year and half to build those 7 core products and funnels.

Designing all the pages, writing all the sales copy, recording all the videos, coding all the software and just putting it all together.

With My Unfair Advantage, you now own everything it takes to learn how to do all that stuff too, but I want you to ask yourself something…

Q. How Long Do You Think It Will Take You To Get All That Done Yourself... Without A Team?

2 years? 3 years maybe? And then how about all of the email campaigns you’ve got to write and test?

And lets not forget the automation part you’ll have to design for yourself and of course the DEVELOPMENT COSTS of $92,000.00 that we invested in all of this, so far.

Look... Don't Freak Out!

We’ve Actually Got The Solution For You... And It's Going To Make You A Marketing ACE!

This is PERFECT for you because it will skip all the busy work and take you straight to the money.

Frankly, this is the best offer we’ve ever assembled and you’re not going to see it again in the members area.

If you want to shortcut the learning curve and start making those HIGH TICKET commissions right now. YOU NEED THIS ACE PACKAGE.

A.C.E. stands for Automated Commission Enterprise and that's exactly what you’re getting. Your own fully automated, business marketing system.

Melinda and I are handing you the keys to our automated marketing system and letting you keep 100% of the profits from all of our core products and deep funnels.

It Makes Everything So Fast And So Easy For You That I’m Almost Jealous!

Making high ticket commissions online has NEVER been easier than this.  As a member of ACE our team takes care of everything on the back end for you, and you just send the traffic!

Just Look At All You're Getting...

Automatic Approval + 100% Commissions On ALL Of Our Core Funnel Products. EVERYTHING!

>> This is awesome because there’s no need to “apply” for anything. All ACE members are “in like flynn” with 100% commissions and approvals.

105+ Pre-Queued Fully Automated Deep Funnel Email Campaigns.

>> Nothing technical about it, we manage the whole thing for you! This saves you a HUGE amount of time writing, testing, mailing and learning email marketing. We mail FOR YOU, and YOU get to profit!

Self-Propagating Sales Funnel System Utilizing JVZoo. All Pages Pre-Built And Include Integrated Tracking.

>> You need this because it's all the technical stuff TESTED and working already, nothing else for you to buy or integrate by yourself. We’ve got your back!

Our Exclusive Automation Portal Allows You To See Your Whole Business At A Glance.

>> This helps you so much because everything you need to run your business is right there at your fingertips on one page. No hunting around for stats, links, marketing material, it's ALL there for you.

Tons Of Custom Marketing Material To Help You Generate Hordes Of Traffic.

>> This is awesome because we’re going to teach you HOW to drive the traffic and now you’ve got the materials to do it with too! All the source material you need, from articles and posts to snippets and more!

Simple (Yet Highly Effective) Traffic Training Videos.

>> This is amazing because it will keep you FOCUSED on what's important! Step by step lessons on driving free and paid traffic to generate leads for you ACE funnels! As long as you are willing to do the work, these are the EXACT steps to follow. It's a HUGE time saver.

Full Access To The IM Clinic Training In Case You Get Stuck.

>> You need this advanced training because it covers the 4 things that most people get stuck on. IMC can save you lots of frustration and headache in the future!

PLUS 60 Days Personal Email Access To Me!

>> You need this because I can keep your head in the game! Its easy to get confused or distracted and that's when having an Internet Millionaire’s private email address comes in real handy!

You’ll Keep All The Money Generated By All Of These Products, On All Of The Funnels!

You Just Use Our Instructions To Send Some Traffic And Your ACE System Will Do All The Capturing, Selling, Tracking And Monetizing For You... It's THAT Easy!

Can You Imagine Receiving…

  • $51 Commissions On Each ISFN Sale
  • $83 Commissions On Each Rapid Profit Systems Sale
  • $88 Commissions On Each Content Nitrous Sale
  • $297 Commissions On Each MyUnfairAdvantage Sale
  • $388 Commissions On Each Funnel Boss Sale
  • $390 Commissions On Each Buzzinar Sale

And A.C.E. Makes Each Of These Sales FOR You!

Plus as an added incentive, if any of your leads join MUA and then buy ACE like you.. You get 30% of that referral as well! That's the part that makes this all worth while for US!

So let's talk about price…

We spent $92k on Product & Funnel Development for you & another $25k creating the ACE Automation for you, that makes this a $117,000.00 business that took 1.5 years of work to build.

This business system is so complete and powerful that it could sell for $10,000 ..and you know it.

Matter of fact, I know a guy that sells businesses half as good as this, without out any of our automation technology for $2000.00 a pop.  But you’re not going to have to pay $10k, or $2k or even $1k to become a marketing ACE.

You have already proven to us that you are an action taker so you can get in right now for one easy payment of just $697. There is also a payment plan…  You can even select the affordable 3 payment option of ONLY $297.

We’ve Paid To Build It!
We Pay To Host It All For You!
We Even Pay To Mail The Leads For You!

All You’ve Got To Do Is Send Traffic (We Show You How!) To The Special ACE Link We Give You Inside And Start Making Money.

You may be asking “Why are you doing all this Omar? Whats in it for YOU?”  ...and that's a good question. Here it is…  We want to get as many people into our ACE program as possible and all those core funnels lead to ace!

You get to keep 100% of all the funnel profits, for all your leads and on the ACE sales you get 30% - Melinda and I get 70% on those. Those are the only sales we make some money on. This is called a “Loss Leader” for us.

This isn't just like joining someones affiliate program. This is a real business for you. Its a license to keep all the profits from all our core products. The customer gets an awesome tool...

You Keep 100% Commission. And We Get To Show More People Our ACE Program...

Everybody WINS!

( Especially YOU! )

In my 10 years online I’ve never seen anything this good for such a low price. These sorts of businesses usually run in the thousands but you can snap this up right now for just $697. Pick the package that suits you best below.

And listen… we want serious people in our ACE program. People that really want to build a long lasting business and will make time to drive the traffic. We’ll show you how. We’re giving you everything we’ve done here and there are no refunds. There can’t be with this sort of a system.

But here is my guarantee...

Our Team Will Stand By You

If you followed all of our instructions and still haven’t tripled your investment within 90 days then our team will work with you personally until you start making money.

Don’t get involved here if you just wanna “see how it goes” - get involved if you want to build a real business and make real money - AND you are willing to WORK to make that happen.

ACE Is Your Shortcut To The Money!

There’s never been anything quite like this and this is your chance to take the bull by the horns and claim the success you deserve. Our most successful members will be the ones that TAKE ACTION RIGHT NOW on this page.

Invest in the Automated Commission Enterprise and...

Become A Licensed
Marketing 'ACE' Today!

** Most Affordable Plan **

3 Month
Payment Plan

Only $297

Three Easy Payments

  • Low, Affordable MONTHLY Payments
  • Live Weekly Coaching Calls
  • Full Time Access To Coaching Archves
  • My BONUS Training Courses
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I Want The Easy
Payment Plan!

Automated Commission Enterprise - THREE PAY


Our Most Affordable Plan. An easy 3 part payment plan helps make ACE affordable for even newbie marketers on a tight budget.

** Best Value - Most Popular **

Full Access
One Payment

Only $697

One Time

  • Quick & Easy ONE TIME Payment
  • Live Weekly Coaching Calls
  • Full Time Access To Coaching Archves
  • My BONUS Training Courses
  • BETA Access To MUA Hyper Affiliate
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I Want The Low
One TIme Payment!

Automated Commission Enterprise - ONE  PAY


Our BIGGEST SAVINGS. This single payment option saves you over 20% on your ACE membership compared to the 3 part payment plan.

Strictly no refunds - all sales are final because you're getting instant access to copy our entire business directly on the next page. Payments are received by Higher Level Strategies, Inc. By clicking on the “Buy Now” button above and becoming an Automated Commission Enterprise (ACE) member you hereby acknowledge you have read and accepted our TERMS of business.

We've Got Your Back, BIGTIME.

Our goal is to make sure you succeed. There are no refunds for ACE but if you have not tripled your investment with 90 days of following our instructions, our team will work with you personally untill you do.

EXCLUDE ME from being part of the ACE marketing automation system.
I prefer to work harder and wait longer. I do not want to make 100% profits on all the products you've created. I do not want to tap into an automated marketing system, I'll try to build it alone over the next 10 years. I understand that if I skip this offer I will never again be able to claim this special discount.

Melinda & Omar Martin

A Team With A Rock Solid Reputation

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