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We are currently in Phase One of three. The action takers who back the project in this phase will likely be our most successful and profitable members.

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Just weeks ago, we pulled back the curtain on an industry game-changer through an eye-opening webinar (watch the replay above). We unveiled the pitfalls plaguing current affiliate marketing platforms and presented a vision—a revolution named MAP (Master Affiliate Profits).

The response was nothing short of extraordinary. Over 100 visionaries immediately seized their spots as backers, flooding our order page with an undeniable affirmation that the time for change is now. They heard the call to revolutionize affiliate marketing, and they answered with a resounding YES!

But we know some stories are too compelling to tell just once. That's why, by exclusive invitation to subscribers of John Thornhill and Omar and Melinda Martin, we're reopening the gates for a brief moment. This is your chance to join the vanguard, to claim your place in the ground floor of MAP before we swing the doors wide open to the public.


Phase 1: Phase One is underway, exclusive only to subscribers of Omar & Melinda Martin, and John Thornhill - it's a unique chance to become foundational backers and gain Lifetime Platinum Access to all the gems MAP will offer. Thats exactly what the Affiliate Breakthrough webinar above is all about! We suggest that you watch the entire webinar right now and learn what all the excitment is about!

Phase 2: Targeted to unfold around a thrilling Black Friday at the end of November, is when the doors open slightly wider! Our cherished backers from Phase One will gain entry to the MAP members area, set up their payment preferences, access their MAP referral link, and what's more exciting – be able to refer more backers! This phase is the final call to be a backer and seize lifetime access for a single, low price while enjoying 75% commissions and basking in the glow of all the free traffic we’re ushering in!

Phase 3: Phase Three, the zenith of the MAP rollout, is when the curtains lift for the public launch! Free entry funnels and payment plans activate, and whether you’re on the free, silver, gold, or platinum levels, MAP will be operating at full throttle, empowering your affiliate marketing journey like never before!

Unearth the Secrets of MAP: Your Blueprint to Dominating Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing platforms have been stealing your leads right under your nose but MAP is redifining the game with our Audience Over Offer approach.

Forget everything you thought you knew about affiliate marketing. In the world of MAP, your audience isn't just an asset—it's your showstopper. The limelight isn't on the offer—it's on building YOUR LIST. 

Every single lead is yours from start to finish, you'll see them and export them at will right from the MAP eco-system but we'll also put them onto your autoresponder for you automatically, because thats how we roll. 

With MAP, you're not just chasing sales; you're cultivating a following that's eager to see what you'll do next.

MAP gives you revolutionary profitable list building power. You make money AS you build your list. Each step you take in building your list isn't just a march towards breaking even; it's a leap towards tangible profits. 

With MAP, that vision is your daily business reality. We've flipped the script to ensure that your journey in growing your list is not just a path to potential profit—but a multi-lane highway to recurring revenue.

No more list sabotage! Your leads are gold, and when you mine for gold here, it's yours to keep.  No more worries about promotions diluting your hard-earned list. No more sleepless nights fearing the poachers. 

MAP is your lead fortress, your sentinel that stands guard, ensuring every single lead you capture is a hard coded treasure in your chest, and yours alone.

MAP is your blueprint to affiliate success. The free training and tools inside of map are proven time tested strategies that have already produced millions of dollars in commissions. No stone is left unturned as we cover over a dozen of the most profitable affiliate marketing tactics used by experts in todays modern marketplaces!

The system markets your leads for life. You're affiliate link is hard coded into every promotion, every email and every offer they click on. Forever.  

From the very first email, MAP's system is your strategy that keeps on giving. You're not just building a list; you're building your empire, one profitable subscriber at a time.

With MAP, every lead you generate is kept under lock and key, shielded from the prying eyes of competitors. It's time to build your list and make commissions with the assurance that every addition is an investment in your exclusive community of followers.

Don't watch from the sidelines as the affiliate marketing world is reshaped. Join the Ranks of MAP Backers and Secure Your Future. Be a part of the change. Be a MAP backer

There Will Never Be a Better Time To Join MAP Than RIGHT NOW!

If you wait, it will be too late. Phase one is by far the most profitable time to join MAP because as a backer you'll benefit from all the FREE traffic we'll be putting into the system during phase two. Plus you earn 75% commission on anyone that becomes a MAP backer under you in phase two! 

This is More Than a Membership. It's a Movement

Joining as a MAP backer isn't a purchase; it's an investment in your future and a stake in an industry-defining movement. With platinum access for life, you avoid the monthly fees that will come with Phase Three, securing a legacy position in the MAP community.


The payment process is in place for the Confirm page so that you can potentially earn money from the customers you bring in under your one link, before they have even got into the MAP members area while also knowing they are receiving something of value.
Your leads stats table is now fully functioning and will be moved from the test site to the live site after some final testing. This table will give you usable information on the customers who have came into the members area under your OneLink.
Your traffic stats table is also now fully functioning and will be moved from the test site to the live site after some final testing too. Again this table will give you actionable statistics on your traffic, from all sources.
As per usual, the programming team are hard at work getting all of the behind-the-scenes systems in place to make sure everything works and runs as it should.


The Ledger page has been mocked up to give you a visual representation of how it will look to check on your earnings, payments, earnings due, etc. This page will also give you the facility to update and payment profile/method.
Your profile page is under final construction, this page will give you the ability to check on your profile details such as username, member level, social connections, etc.
The Link Settings page has been mocked up to show how that page will look once finalized, on there you will be able to learn how to make the best use of your MAP link.
The My Products page is nearing completion, this will give you a central hub to access of the the training and content that you have access to as a Platinum MAP member.
As always, the programming team are hard at work getting all of the behind-the-scenes systems in place to make sure everything works and runs as it should.


Our internal click-tracking plugin is up and running to make sure that everyone gets the correct amount of traffic based on their member level within the MAP system.
Your leads page has been mocked up to give you a visual representation of how it will look to check on all of the leads you have generated under your MAP link.
The programming team continue to develop the systems we need to make sure the MAP website is a smooth and enjoyable experience for you and all your MAP members.
John & Omar, continue to work on creating and curating all of the content that will be delivered in the members area.


Yet more behind the scenes work has taken place as we set up the system that will enable you to earn more commissions from your MAP members. giving your members the option to purchase individula pieces of video content from right within the page intself.
We have been finalizing the design and layout of the content delivery pages and establishing a working background code system to deliver the right content to the right members, based on membership level.
We continue to strive to create a dynamic and unique browsing experience, we want this site to be an enjoyable experience both for you and for your MAP members.
Remember all of the content in MAP is created by John & Omar, and we don't rely on third parties.
And as always our programming team is hard at work implementing all of the features and integrations that we hope to have ready for Phase 2.


There is a lot of work happening behind the scenes as we continue to add code to handle the affiliate process so that you can use a single link to refer and track all of your MAP members.
The sign-up procedure is unique to MAP and today's video will walk you through the whole process so you can see how it will work when we go live. Our unique sign-up system will result in increased conversions for you.
We continue to create a site that is not reliant on any third-party payment processors or marketplaces, meaning you earn more, and none of your leads will be subject to sabotage that the other marketplaces practice.
The content for the members area is under construction and we should have an update regarding this soon. All of the content in MAP is created by John & Omar, and we don't rely on third parties.
We are continuing to work on Autoresponder integration and hope to have every popular autoresponder in place when we open up phase 2, this means no matter what autoresponder you use we should have it covered.


Over 6000 lines of code have already been written to handle the MAP affiliate process. This system will create a unique link to track all of your map referalls and sales.
The MAP members area has been layed out and all the page templates have been created by our web developer.
The content for the members area is under construction and will be
added soon. This content will show you how to get the most out of the
MAP program.
Integration with our new payment processor is underway and is in the
testing phase. Adding our very own payment processor means no lost
leads and lower fees for everyone.
Autoresponder integration is getting finalized and will be ready soon.
This will allow you to use the most popular autoresponders with the
MAP program.


More and more smart marketers are becoming MAP backers each day. These are the fast movers that have taken action so far. Only 200 backers will be allowed to join the program in Phase One.
Keep your eye's peeled for our exclusive MAP members only Facebook group coming soon!

⭐ Randall Hall

David Millett

David Shoup

Richard Kainu

Ken Kirsten

Jeffrey Lin

Mark D. Williams


Jason Gounaris

Helen Chen

Mike Johnson

Jeff McCloy

Connie Grevengoed

Kimberley Tracey

Ralph Schnelle

Tracy Grote


Caterina Christakos

Chris Chan

Kenneth Karlsson

Barbara Dowling

Leo Hendriks

Pamela James

Robert Luaders

Pierre Schexneider

Dan Faschingbauer

Paul Inglis

Saz Bailey

Duncan Whitmore

Steve Gilligan

Tiffani Dawn Shelton


Guillermo Agodong

James Davis

Graham Lee

Danny Swanger

Gene Marshall

Kathryn McNeil

Ken Barnes

Tony Shepherd

Stephen Jones

Nicole Rice Collins

Jonty Johnson

Al Amaro


Anthony Darvill

Lester Chapman

Stephen Burke

Richard Fedrizzi

Shah Hamdani

Stuart Silverberg

Marlene Kristensen

Ken Parsons

Diane Mitchell

Aaron Camp

Osiris Daniel

Robert Nussbaum

Dale Hodges

Daniel Ayala

Jay Pasupuleti

Nelson Lirette

Robert Harrison

Diana Swartwood


Craig Lunde

Debijo Garcia

Kaif Adam

Brian Casey

Fred W Lachenman

Nathan Conner

Brian Hamzavi

Melvin Sillcock

Warren Wong

Kevin D Myles

Mark Wightley

Rob Crabb

Bernie Meyer

Wayne Soh

Alan Wong

William Donahue

Chris Bauer

Ian Robertson

Ronald Rodwell

Kevin T Sanders


Boruch Rappaport

Martin Zueger

Frank Nygard

Marie Askin

Camilla McKinney

David Stokes

Frank Thomas

Charles Amith

DeWayne Truelove

Laura Medeiros

James Murphy

James Neville-Taylor

Catherine Sutton

Gabriella DArko

Will Brooks

Gary Grosschadl

Michael Mackenzie

Lance Desmond

Daniel Stanley

John Hayes

Keith Grover

Allen Turner

Diana Cherny

David Rohde

Kenneth Getzler

Peter Johnston

Stanley Stephens

Amel Mehenaoui

Robert P. Morrison

Martin Abbott

Larry D Keen

Jorge Cruz

Dori ONeill

Lawrence Yu

David Franklin

Ely Shemer

John P Bradford

Anton Grantham

Phillip Dodd

Peter Riopelle

Andrew Grandon

Jeffrey Stratton

LaDonna Gillespi

John Andres

James Zimmermann

Bruce Hauck

David Lichtenstein

Barbie Zabel

Sue Jones


John Nichols

Ted Grellner

Tessa Rhodes

Ricke Bonham

Todd Gross

Milton Leist

Chris Box

Bethanne Stephan

Matt Garrett

Joseph N Redding


Martin Mc Menamin

Veronica Strong

Tom Wilamowski


Andrew Orham

David W Cox

Gregor Gaspar

Craig Haywood

Rachel Bridgewater

Scott Yamato

Gary Garnett

Jon Gordon

Curlan Moore

Laureen Dischner

Dwight Peterson

N Ryan Paterson

Michael Thompson

R Bevan

Gary Shireman

Andrew Ketchum

Dangius Keras

Michael Whelan

Darwin Finnegan

Daniel Rager

Michael Nedd

Andre Niemand

Jacob Jordan

Cynthia Dozier

Ryan Green

Troy Kamaka

Mike Flynn


Janet Boehmer

Gregory Rigaud

Neil Pappas

Gaurab Borah

Mark Riley

Sultan Alkhuzaei

Tony Newton

Jimmy Vu

Tim Moses

Arthur Morris

Clive Smith

Paul McCollum

Terry Hinton

Freddie McIntosh

Clarence Brannan

Peter Skuben

Richard B Wilcox

Toudjida Nodjinam Andemel

Justin Berry

Warren Greenidge

Robert Day

Michael Mines

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